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Paul Kleiman: All publications (PDF)

PDF-icon Paul Kleiman ALL PUBLICATIONS (Sept 2020)


Selected Articles

PAUL KLEIMAN (2017) “We Don’t Need Those Learning Outcomes”: assessing creativity and creative assessment. Case Study 2 in Elkington, S. & Evans, C. (eds).  Transforming Assessment in Higher Education. York:HEA.

PAUL KLEIMAN (2008) Towards Transformation: conceptions of creativity in higher education (160+ citations)  Innovations in Education and Teaching International Vol. 45, No. 3, August 2008, 209–217

PAUL KLEIMAN (2005) Beyond the Tingle Factor (20+ citations)  A version of this paper was presented at an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) seminar, University of Strathclyde, Scotland. November 2005

PAUL KLEIMAN (2011) Learning at the Edge of Chaos (10+ citations)  AISHE-J Volume 3, Number 2 (Autumn 2011) Page 62.1

PAUL KLEIMAN (2003) Armed for a multitude of tasks  This article first appeared in a special learning skills supplement of the Times Higher Education, 23 May 2003

PAUL KLEIMAN (2001) How to perform when the lights dim: ‘cavalier’, ’roundhead’ and ‘innocent’ approaches to assessing performing arts students
In Times Higher Education, 2 February 2001

Selected Book chapters

PAUL KLEIMAN (2012) Scene Changes and Key Changes: Disciplines and Identities in HE Dance, Drama and Music  In Trowler, P., Saunders, M. and Bamber, R. (eds) (2012). Tribes and territories in the 21st-century: Rethinking the significance of disciplines in higher education. London: Routledge.

PAUL KLEIMAN (2010) Staging Sustainability: Making sense of sustainability in higher education dance, drama and music  In Sustainability Education: Perspectives and Practice Across Higher Education by Paula Jones, Dr. David Selby, Stephen R. Sterling. Earthscan

Publications (reports, etc.)

PAUL KLEIMAN (2015) Excellence in Diversity: a report celebrating the diversity of UK Higher Education  A report for GuildHE.

PAUL KLEIMAN (2007) Negotiating Assessment : an approach to assessing creative practice  A PALATINE Publication

PAUL KLEIMAN (2009) Design for Learning: Principles of good curriculum design  A PALATINE Publication

JO RICHLER (2008) Looking Further: survey of performing arts HE in FE  A PALATINE Publication


The Biscuit Assessment Game

Stumbling with Confidence  Paul Kleiman’s blog

Presentations & Keynotes

An Orderly Disorder: creativity and the chaotic curriculum  Keynote address, Middlesex University Annual Learning and Teaching conference, July 2014